Oxford Manor College is committed to bringing out the best in each of our scholars. We seek to be a national leader in developing and promoting excellence in education in Nigeria and to provide a world-class learning environment with excellent facilities. Oxford Manor College develops young people to develop a strong work ethic, perseverance, and a sense of self-worth.

At Oxford Manor College, we constantly review our curriculum and teaching methods in order to ensure that what we are teaching is relevant to the needs of our scholars and will prepare them for the world beyond our walls. However, we do not believe in a one-dimensional approach to academic success and therefore provide scholars with the opportunity to learn, experiment, and take part in their school achievements. This all contributes to success both inside and outside the classroom. Our scholars are taught to aim for the highest level in Checkpoint, IGCSE, Junior and Senior WAEC and in the future: A Level and IB examinations, alongside the pursuit of their co-curricular activities.


Oxford Manor College seeks to inspire in its children a love of learning as well as the enthusiasm, determination and curiosity to become independent learners while promoting the core values of kindness, honesty, charity, generosity, awareness and independence as well as cultural and social awareness. At Oxford Manor College, we believe our role is to educate your children through an individualized approach. We seek to provide our scholars with the opportunity, support and encouragement, to develop themselves within and beyond the curriculum and the classroom.

Pastoral Care:

Oxford Manor College places the needs, happiness and well-being of our scholars at the heart of what we do and we work to ensure the success of each scholar. We are committed to providing a family atmosphere where happy and engaged pupils can flourish and where concerns can be shared.

At Oxford Manor College, scholars enjoy the teaching and specialist care of our highly qualified academic and non-academic staff that are available to give advice and guidance at every stage of a scholar’s life. The commitment of our staff is backed by excellent facilities. Your child will be taken seriously; his/her ideas will be listened to and their concerns will be addressed. Your child will be joining a school which is supportive, interesting and challenging. Pastoral care is not just something that happens when things go wrong; it is a constant support network for your child’s time in Oxford Manor College.