Hello, our names are Jane and Dapo.
We want to share with you a day at our amazing school.
By the way, we weren’t coerced! Every morning, we wake up and get ready for school. Dapo and I always go to school and feel so blessed to be in such a beautiful setting. Our Art and Architecture teacher uses this building as an example in his lessons of Edwardian Architecture. We have assembly three times a week where we go through topical issues and learn about ourselves. Each week a different form is responsible for the assembly and handles the research and presentation.

We start the day with enthusiasm as the teachers bounce into class with tons of inspiration and knowledge. Our classes are not boring, Dapo, are they? Not at all, Jane! Do you remember last week, when Mr. Sam asked us to bring in our logorithm books and he used Ngozi as a base number and who did he use for the indices again? Wasn’t it Charles? Oh yeah. Don’t forget to tell them about our Design and Technology classes!

Definitely! We created our own design brief and Ms. Kate taught us how to make sure that it met the targeted market. How did you do? Ok I guess, the most difficult part of it was when I had to interview a lot of consumers and compile my market research.

What’s really cool, is that the teachers genuinely care about us. They constantly want our input and encourage us to think for ourselves. What I love about OMC is that it’s not just about academics, they teach us about perseverance and team work! And I’m learning how to enjoy learning and take an interest in the topics, whether it’s the Ancient Romans or about population issues around the world.

Lunch time always comes quicker than we expect—and you HAVE to taste the food the canteen gives us! Homemade breads, Itallian pasta, smoothies, fresh fruits and vegetables, and don’t forget the lovely Nigerian cuisine too!

We have regular sports on site, Dapo’s favourite is swimming, mine is basketball! Can you believe that last year, OMC was first in the international French exams, and Dapo thought he wouldn’t be able to get through in French, but guess what? With the encouragement and support of Monsieur he not only passed but got one of the highest scores, and overall in Abuja, OMC came first!

School is peppered with loads of activities and even though we crack our brains in class, we have a lot of fun outside. No matter what we do, through the heart of the day, we are always reminded of our motto: Invictus! That’s who we are. We will not, we cannot be beaten!