Choosing a secondary school may just be the most important decision you will make during this part of your child’s upbringing. Coming to a new country can be overwhelming with so many choices, so let us make it easy for you: you’ve made the right choice! Moving to a new country, or transitioning back to your home, can be exciting and challenging. Your child will face new opportunities, challenges and may struggle at times. In addition to choosing the curriculum and school facilities, the pastoral issues of health, safety and fitting in are essential for parents to feel confident that their child is in the right school. We understand your needs and anxieties as a parent and your child’s needs as a scholar.

Oxford Manor College employs international staff and specifically, an international school coordinator who actively works with our transfer students to ensure that they are comfortable in their surroundings. In the case that your child needs extra help in English, we have a department that will provide language support.

EXAMS: Our curriculum provides the learning and research skills necessary for scholars to enter universities worldwide. Your child will take the British Council Exams including IGCSE and Checkpoint which are recognised worldwide.

Complete trancripts and the headteacher’s report from your child’s previous school are required for transfer. Despite this being a challenging time, we have worked with children from overseas for many years between our sister school, Tender Years Preparatory School and OMC and we have found it not challenging, but highly rewarding as their parents have testified in the end.

Welcome to OMC, the greatest decision you will make for your child’s education.