Eating at OMC” Canteen Buffet:

Nutrition is very important to us at OMC. We truly believe that a child’s foundation is not only to learn, but also to begin good health habits from childhood. Therefore, in conjunction with nutritionists from Nigeria and abroad, OMC provides a well-thought out, balanced lunch time program for our scholars. Food plans are prepared while taking into consideration the particular needs of growing teenagers. We provide what we call ‘Foods from Around the World’. Part of being in an international school is that you learn about international cultures and foods to increase your child’s palate for foreign foods. Therefore, our program of ‘Foods from Around the World’ is where our scholars go from East to West with foods from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. The buffet will consist of not only these foods, but fresh locally-sourced organic fruits and vegetables and freshly baked breads by our wonderful international chefs!

On Fridays, to keep in touch with the local culture, the menu will offer a larger variety of Nigerian cuisine. In respect to our different cultures we do not serve beef or pork. We also offer vegetarian options. All our foods are freshly prepared on the premises following the British and Nigerian guidelines of hygiene and food safety. Food is freshly prepared daily. We DO NOT serve left-over food. Our menu has been adapted in consideration of the dietary needs of growing teenage children.

Also, if you are interested in our healthy snack program or our smoothie program, please ask Ms. Jessica or Ms. Jane for more information. If your child has allergies or you would like to request a bespoke menu or salad bar option for your child, please contact our office.

On the premises, in our games room, there will be a ‘Tuck Shop’ where children can purchase snacks. A little bit of what you fancy does you good! The ‘Tuck Shop’ will provide healthy snacks (and even a few naughty ones!!) Your child’s snack account can be topped up through our Accounts Department.