Step into an outstanding educational system today! An exceptional Secondary School in Abuja is seeking to recruit an extraordinary individual to fill one of our many available job roles and to join our energetic team permanently this September. Bring along your experiences, qualifications, energy and drive onboard!!

Please note: Your application will be rejected if you have not been previously employed at a British School.

All subject teachers are required to have a minimum of 3years work experience in teaching IGCSEs in a known British School.

All administrative, HR, head-teacher and principal roles require a minimum of 5years work experience in a British School.

The available job roles include:

  • Director of Education
  • Head of Schools
  • Head teacher
  • Deputy Head Teacher
  • School Principal
  • Vice Principal – Academics
  • Vice Principal – Admin
  • Vice Principal – Pastoral
  • School Administrator
  • School Nurse
  • School Accountant
  • HOD Science
  • HOD Maths
  • HOD English
  • Guidance & Counsellor
  • HR
  • School Nurse
  • Biology Teacher
  • Chemistry Teacher
  • Physics Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • Physical Ed. Teacher
  • IGCSE Spanish/French Teacher
  • Maths Teacher
  • Drama Teacher
  • Business studies Teacher
  • School Secretary
  • ICT Teacher
  • Economics
  • Geography Teacher
  • History Teacher
  • Art Teacher
  • Music Teacher
  • House Master (Boarding)
  • House Matron (Boarding)
  • A-Level Teachers in all disciplines
  • Schools PA
  • IGCSE Teacher in all other subjects
  • School Operational Manager

The ideal candidate MUST:

  • Be well spoken and articulate
  • Bring an unwavering commitment to promoting the highest standards of teaching and learning across the department and the school;
  • Have the ability to engage and inspire pupils and build excellent relationships
  • Have a relentless obsession about developing their own standards of teaching and learning to enable them to deliver excellent student outcomes;
  • Be a committed team player;
  • Be committed to our ethos of high expectations and no excuses;

Are you interested in making your mark in the education industry at a reputable British School? Are you passionate enough about shaping young adults’ self-esteem and making them the best version of themselves? If you are, then send your CV to

We’ve got the right opportunity for you.



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