It is critical in teenage years, for children to have additional support outside their teachers and parents. We take support and guidance seriously at OMC. We have an in-house school counselor whose job is to help your child through any crisis they feel they have. It could be academic, social or merely just guidance for something they’re thinking about. We are proud as a family school that we have counsellors in everyone; from the Principal down to the teachers. So everyone works in a team to ensure that your child is heard.

We will always inform you of any serious issues that may occur, however, a counselor needs to keep a certain amount of confidentiality for a child to feel comfortable to bring forward any issues. But where the issues are serious, we will of course, always involve the parent (ie: bullying, threats to their safety, and drugs or alcohol abuse, etc.) Should you, the parent, need any guidance on dealing with your child on a particular issue, our school counselor is there for you. You can come in, have a coffee and a chat and talk through positive ways to support your growing teenager.